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Graphics Links

2D Graphics

Xara - Home to Xara Photo and Graphic Designer high end vector graphics software.

Graphics Gale - Pixel art and animation software.

3D graphics

Blender - Open source 3D modelling, rendering and animation software.

Game Graphics

CharPad - Windows based C64 character graphics and map creation tool.

SpritePad - Windows based C64 sprite creation and animation tool.

GangEd 2 - Windows based C64 graphics editor and conversion tool.

Pyxeledit - Tile based pixel art creation tool.

Audio Links

Soundcloud - music library and resource.

High Voltage Sid Collection - massive collection of C64 music.

Synthedit - VST creation software.

Synthmaker - Now Flowstone - VST development tool and modular development environment.

Synapse Audio Software - Home to Orion Studio DAW.

Image Line - Home to FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) DAW.

Steinberg - High end Midi, VST and DAW software.

KVR Audio Plug-in News - Excellent resource for DAW and VST news and reviews.

Woolyss Chip Music - Chiptune resource site.

RKO - The Definitive Guide to C64 Remixes - C64 music, remix site.

Gaming & Game Development Links

Retro Remakes - Retro games development and appreciation site and forums.

Yoyo Games - The home of GameMaker Studio, games development software.

RGCD Retro games news and software releases - source of new C64 cartridge releases.

Psytronik - Retro games software releases for legacy systems including C64.

CSDB - Commdore Scene DataBase - a resource for C64 developers and artists.