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Latest News - May 14th 2015

As it has been a very, very long time since the site was updated; the site has now had a major overhaul. The redesign reflects not only the need to bring the site more up to date, but the change in direction of some aspects of the site content, with a focus on retro games development and development for the commodore c64.

The new pixellated design reflects this using a colour scheme taken directly from the c64 and with a combination of c64 style high-res and multi-colour graphics. Hope y'all like it folks.

Site updates include more game related audio and graphics files, new games related content and links to social media sites where additional content and information can be found. I hope to make further updates in the near future with new releases, new links and updates on games development projects.

May 13th 2015

The legacy VSTi page has now been removed.

Nov 5th 2012

New retro virtual analogue instruments - Meteoroid (mono) and Planetoid (poly) synths added to commercial VSTi.

May 15th 2011

Legacy VSTI page and files added. These have been added in order to restore the old VSTI links from external sites. The page and files will remain until further notice as long as web space permits.

April 30th 2011

Welcome to the new and improved simple-media.co.uk website, your source for 2D and 3D graphics, original music, free and low cost vst instruments and a selection of retro styled games. The site has undergone a complete overhaul in order to make it more modern, more appealing, more accessible and more dynamic. The site has been poorly maintained over the past 3 or 4 years but will now be updated on a more regular basis. This will include the release of new VST instruments plus news about my own games development projects and any collaborative work that may be undertaken.

Included in this update are 2 new free VST Instruments - Striker and Voc-Two, along with 2 new products, retro-gsx and the much delayed Cathedral.

Also new in this update is the games page which includes some free games to download.